Chickpea Curry Extravaganza: A Culinary Journey for Your Taste Buds

Morocco and Egypt consume chickpeas as a main staple. This recipe was inspired by a Moroccan chickpea stew and is one of the most delicious Chickpea Curry recipes! It is a great side dish on its own but its heartiness makes it a perfect main dish.

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Dive into the heartwarming world of chickpea curry, where flavors dance and memories are created. From its aromatic spices to the creamy chickpeas, this dish embodies comfort and culinary delight.
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Africa
Servings 4 servings
Calories 200 kcal


  • 1 pan
  • 1 stove


  • tbsp  olive oil
  • large  yellow/red onion, diced
  • cloves  fresh garlic cloves, minced
  • tbsp  grated ginger
  • tsp  jalapeno pepper, diced (optional)
  • tsp  curry powder
  • tbsp  cumin seeds, crushed
  • cup  diced/crushed tomatoes
  • cups  soaked/canned chickpeas
  • ½  tsp  sugar
  • tbsp  ketchup
  • tsp  soy sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat a large pan on medium heat.
  • Add olive oil and onions and cook until soft before adding garlic, ginger, and jalapeno pepper and cook for about 1 minute.
  • Next add spices and stir for another minute to prevent it from sticking.
  • Put in the chickpeas and cook for a couple of minutes before adding tomatoes.
  • Bring to a slight boil and then turn down to simmer and cook for about 20 minutes or longer if you desire.
  • Remove from heat and set aside until ready to serve.



  • Transform humble chickpeas into a masterpiece with a medley of aromatic spices.
  • Customize the heat level to your preference by adjusting the amount of chili.
  • Opt for canned chickpeas for a quicker preparation, or soak and cook dried chickpeas for an extra touch of authenticity.
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Things to pay attention to when cooking Chickpea Curry

Chickpea Curry –

  • Chickpea Prep: Whether using canned or dried chickpeas, make sure to rinse them thoroughly under cold water to remove excess starch and sodium. If using dried chickpeas, soak them overnight for optimal texture and even cooking.
  • Spice Balance: The combination of spices is crucial for the depth of flavor in your curry. Pay attention to the measurements and adjust according to your taste preferences. Keep in mind that spices will intensify as the curry simmers.
  • Blooming Spices: Start your cooking process by blooming the spices in hot oil. This step releases their aromatic oils, enhancing their flavor and infusing the entire curry.
  • Aromatic Base: Create a flavorful base by sautéing onions, garlic, and ginger until they are translucent and fragrant. This aromatic foundation sets the stage for the curry’s complexity.
  • Creamy Consistency: For a creamy curry, allow some of the chickpeas to break down during cooking. This will help thicken the sauce naturally and create a luscious texture.
  • Simmering Technique: Simmer the curry over low to medium heat, allowing the flavors to meld and develop. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking or burning at the bottom of the pot.
  • Taste and Adjust: As the curry simmers, taste it periodically and adjust the seasoning as needed. Sometimes a pinch of salt, a dash of lime juice, or a touch of sweetness can make all the difference.
  • Vegetable Additions: If you’re adding vegetables to your chickpea curry, consider their cooking times. Start with harder vegetables and add softer ones later to ensure all elements are perfectly cooked.
  •  Creamy Finish: For an extra touch of creaminess, you can blend a portion of the curry using an immersion blender or a food processor. This will create a silky texture while maintaining some chunkiness.
  • Rest and Serve: Once your chickpea curry is cooked to perfection, let it rest for a few minutes off the heat. This allows the flavors to settle and meld even further. Serve your curry with your choice of rice, bread, or grains.

Serving suggestions

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When to Serve: Chickpea curry is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on a variety of occasions, from cozy family dinners to casual gatherings with friends. It’s also a fantastic option for meal prepping, offering you nourishing and flavorful meals throughout the week.


  • Vegetarians and vegans seeking a hearty and satisfying meal option.
  • Food enthusiasts eager to explore bold flavors and exotic spices.
  • Families looking for a wholesome dish that caters to diverse tastes.

Pair with:

  • Basmati Rice: The aromatic and fluffy basmati rice is the perfect partner for chickpea curry. Its subtle nuttiness complements the rich flavors of the curry.
  • Naan Bread: Soft and pillowy naan bread is ideal for scooping up every last bit of curry sauce.
  • Roti or Chapati: These whole wheat flatbreads provide a wholesome accompaniment that balances the curry’s robust flavors.
  • Quinoa or Couscous: For a modern twist, opt for quinoa or couscous to add a nutritious boost to your meal.


  • Fresh Herbs: Chopped cilantro, mint, or parsley adds a burst of freshness and color to your curry.
  • Citrus Zest: A sprinkle of lemon or lime zest brightens the flavors and adds a zesty kick.
  • Yogurt or Raita: A dollop of plain yogurt or cucumber raita provides a cooling contrast to the spices.

FAQs of Chickpea Curry

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  • Can I use canned chickpeas? Absolutely! Canned chickpeas are convenient and work well. Remember to rinse them thoroughly before using to remove excess sodium.
  • How can I make it less/more spicy? Adjust the amount of chili powder or other spicy ingredients according to your taste preference. Start with a small amount and gradually add more as needed.
  • Can I freeze chickpea curry? Yes, chickpea curry freezes well. Portion it into airtight containers and freeze for up to three months. Thaw and reheat gently on the stovetop.
  • What’s the secret to rich flavor? To enhance the flavor, let the spices bloom in hot oil before adding other ingredients. This releases their aromatic oils and intensifies the taste.
  • Can I add vegetables to the curry? Absolutely! Bell peppers, spinach, cauliflower, or even sweet potatoes make wonderful additions, enhancing both flavor and nutrition.

Discover the epitome of comfort and flavor with our exquisite chickpea curry. Elevate your culinary journey as you explore the rich, aromatic depths of this cherished dish that captures hearts and palates alike.

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