About us

This website offers you simple African Food Recipes using basic everyday ingredients. My name is Black Pie, and I work at Food And Meal , Hana Hotel Travel Company Limited . Our goal is to inspire you to explore and enjoy African cuisine!

We have compiled a great collection of the best African recipes that are simple and use ingredients found at most supermarkets. With a warm temperate climate and a rich history influenced by cultures from many parts of the world, African recipes are simple, use the freshest ingredients possible, and are rich in flavor. The food is often spiced or flavored with special spice or herb blends with simple cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavor of the food.

Our website provides African food recipes from North, West, East, Central & Southern Africa, the Caribbean, North America (Famous Soul Food), and South America. You will find popular African food like Doro Wat from Ethiopia, Chapatis from East Africa, Falafel from Egypt, classic Couscous from Morocco, Cassava Pudding from the Caribbean, Pumpkin Pie from North America, and many more.

Our goal is to provide you with simple and flavorful African recipes that you can enjoy and share with your friends and family. We hope to inspire you to cook more often by exploring the wide range of recipes! So, the next time you decide to try a new recipe or put a new spin on the ones you already have, we invite you to cook with us!

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